Wednesday, September 07, 2011


 "Home is where the heart is."

"There is no place like home"

"take me home, to the place I belong"

What exactly make a house become a home?

Well - it's simple to me - living well is the answer. And at times I have not done that. Unfortunately, I have spent many years of gathering stuff (crap) trying to fill some kind of void in my life.

This is my is quite often in full disarray. But things are improving and lving well suddenly feels attainable.

My youngest just left for college - and the most amazing part of that is - - - - I don't just have empty nest syndrome because she and her big sister were suddenly gone. It is the full effect of the girls AND ALL THEIR FRIENDS being gone. See my house was open for all of them - they came and went as if they lived there. I LOVED IT. Coming home to the yard looking like a used car lot meant that I knew where my children were and what they were doing.

I look through Abby's facebook pictures and I realize that she is doing exactly what she grew up with - so - it's a basic dorm room - no worries -  great memories are not about big spaces and fancy decor. The great memories are inviting people to share your space to live, work, and play.

So there -- SIMPLY SIMPLE terms. Home is where they love you.

I think you could live well in a house such as the one below. (photo from Tipper).

No - actually I KNOW you could live well here. I grew up in a house heated with wood heat. Cold Bedrooms in the winter. No air conditioning in the summer (where you flip the pillow to the cooler side). We were loved - we welcomed friends - we lived quite well.

Think of homemade ice cream shared around that picnic table. Friends gathered to fry fish ---- or grill hot dogs.

Yes - that is living well.

But you can live well anywhere -

Take this home --- sure looks like they are doing well - I hope that is true. because in the current economy - there are many who appeared to be doing quite well - then lost all their dreams because the money simply wasn't there any more.

Were they really ever living well????

And then there is the next level -- I grabbed this picture from the southern living website. But think of reality tv shows - the Kardashians - real housewives -

Are those very wealthy people really living well?

Today - in my SIMPLY SIMPLE SEPTEMBER - I  am celebrating the fact that I really am living well. I am healthy, I welcome people into my life to share, I have a roof over my head, my children are well adjusted.

Last night I crocheted - I prayed for the person who will receive the gift I am working on. I was happy and I realized just how simple living well really can be.

Share a living well celebration with us.

Have a beautiful day.

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