Thursday, September 01, 2011


I read a lot of blogs - I mean a lot of them. I also read a lot of books and magazines. A very favorite writer of mine is Dominique Browning. I have a folder of her Editior Letters from when she was editor of, no longer being published, House and Garden magazine. I have read her book,  Around the House and In the Garden: a Memoir of Heartbreak, Healing, and Home Improvement, over and over. Her writing appeals to me on many levels.

Well, several months ago, I discovered that Ms. Browning has a blog, that ties in with her new book and I immediately started following her. SLOW LOVE LIFE is a very wonderful, thought provoking blog and I cannot wait ot get my hands on the book.

Enough rambling. The post from 8/31/2011 contains the following quote and I read it again and again.

I like knowing that there is a way to be in a place that feels good without having to go anywhere, or spend anything to get there. That makes it possible for anyone to practice slow love in everyday life.
                                                                                                                  Dominique Browning

I knew then that my focus for the month of September is going to be on SIMPLICITY.






Starting with a few pictures - if you are my facebook friend you have already spotted these.

I have a wonderful friend. Flowers on my desk. Not showy, grown for profitable sales, flowers. Nope.

Wildflowers, garden flowers.

Tiny daisies - in a vase from an art event I attended. These arrived shortly after a cell phone picture text saying "I saw these and they made me think of you"

The sweet smell of summer - gardenias - snipped quickly on the way out the door by our building landlord.

Hydrangeas - in a cup painted for me by a wonderful friend.

A tiny bit of sunshine - I find myself smiling as I look at these.

 The colbalt bottle came from College Girl - She brought it to me from Spain. I was recovering from my Surprise Kidney Cancer Roadtrip when she brought this back. A beautiful way to celebrate - I don't have cancer any more. Filled with flowers that remind me that I am not alone on this journey either.

All very quickly put together - a very simple act - an action that makes me smile - See I find these on my desk unannounced. I know who puts them there. I adore him for this and for so many other reasons. It makes me feel like what I do in my day to day grown up girl job matters to him enough to try and thank me. Look around in the pictures - the chaos of my desk. Stacks and piles and notes are everywhere. But nature's beauty is simple to share.

Do it. Give yourself or someone else a moment of simple pleasure. Grab a few blooms. Or,  if there aren't blooms, some colorful fall leaves, a branch of an evergreen, some fresh herbs, long grass stems, or even some interesting weeds. Stick them in something that hols water. Enjoy them yourself or leave them for another to enjoy.

Something to enjoy for not much more that a tiny bit of effort ---

Simply Beautiful.

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