Thursday, September 08, 2011


This pretty little spot is just a few minutes from my work. More amazing is that you cannot hear the traffic when you get there. Feel isolated, but it is so easy to get to. I can escape there at lunch and just be outside. I actually go here often since I discovered it a few weeks ago. There are beavers building their winter home - I've seen turtles - all kinds of birds. It is quiet and I find myself much more centered when I have taken the time to just breathe.

Another part of my Simple September is getting ready for the Holiday Markets.

I blogged about a simple wood block nativity that my girls had as a child here.

I wanted to make and sell some, so I am smack dab in the middle of doing just that.

I also have found that I am quite happy while I am doing creative things.

I also have a great friend who has stepped up and is helping with so much of this. (big thank you to my Salt and Peppah)

Simple - tedious - but not difficult --- wood block nativity production site.

It is such a simple thing really ---

Now for the question -

Should I include a little story about my girls set in each box?

Or just the Bible verse References to the Christmas story ---

Simple September prompts for today --- share a favorite spot of yours.


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