Monday, September 12, 2011


As part of my SIMPLE SEPTEMBER activities, i am spending time completeing projects around home. I am spending TIME with family and friends. This weekend included two road trips - some major porch swing time - remembering 9/11 - cooking dinner for a friend - and meeting some wonderful new friends.

As a part of all that road trip time - I have been working on ......

A crochet car seat sized blanket.....

 It is a wonderfully textured orange sherbert colored yarn.....

A SIMPLE granny square about 36" square.

Machine washable and dryable ----- Loving this a whole bunch.


Now for something from the road trips - I have a THING for old chimneys. Coming home yesterday I spotted this one - Gonna work on this image in PICNIK and frame it.

Are you having a great September?

 --- I am

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