Friday, September 16, 2011


THERE are a lot of nice people out there who think good thoughts -- why not share them?
                                                                                              Alexandra Stoddard

Today's SIMPLE act is brought to you by my Ohio Best Friend -

I go to the mailbox - I open it - I sort through the pile of junk mail and bills - I spot the handwritten address on the envelope - I smile.......

I got a letter --- A real handwritten letter.

I get others - cards - invitations - even my local bank hand addresses my deposit slip mailer (I use the night drop). EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE WITH HANDWRITTEN ADDRESSES GETS MY ATTENTION FIRST.

I am not nearly as good at it as MaryAnn, but I try - and today I got two of them in the mail.

Go ahead, send a smile. it can be a letter - a postcard - a card -- even a clipping you think someone will be interested in. If you want a smile from me  - drop me an email to with your snail mail addy.

Another plus from this - the USPS employs real hard working American people - their jobs are in jeopardy too. More mail equals more job security. We all could use that feeling now and this is a simple way to help that for a few people.


TRY IT ....

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