Tuesday, October 25, 2011

101 ways to make yourself nuts.

Well not really that many - but I am an expert at the process.

1. play hooky from life when you really should have been working on artshow items.

2. fight the little demon in your head saying let it go.

3. keep working on something that clearly has you befuddled about what to do next.

Having admitted to these three - let me tell you the lessons learned.

1. life really happens in the hooky moments. I took the weekend off to play. really play. it was wonderful it was beautiful. I will be doing it again. i now understand why hunters go to the woods and let me splain - it ain't all about shooting things - the solitude of that activity and the exposure to the great outdoors is VERY VERY good for the soul.

2. some people will never learn. I handed the money to buy a very important car part to someone nameless in my house. the money was piddled away on some other things. (like barbeque tickets that we couldn't use because we were out of town) Now the same person STILL needs the part for the car. I am letting it go - I already bought said car part - I AIN'T BUYING IT AGAIN.

3. I shoulda given up on that altered book and just rested - because the right answer to the "thing that makes it perfect" is now completely clear. Time wasted - 2 hours - now let it go.

Spoon ends waiting for collages and and bending.

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