Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

 It was a glorious fall weekend. I slipped off to the mountains for the John C. Campbell Folk Festival. Had a wonderful time.

Met up with Tipper from The Blind Pig and the Acorn Blog and Dana from Old Red Barn. Enjoyed those visits so much. We will make this an annual fall tradition. Just a nice, fun day trip.

Both College Girl and Softball Princess were home on Sunday. We ate lunch and I cooked supper and the two of them and their boyfriends. College Girl and Her Boy brought their new dog over to play with Rusty.

Now that was a load of fun.

These are blurry because those two just would not cooperate with being still --- they wanted to play.

 And play ......

And play .......

Rusty slept all night, because Tyson wore him slap out.

October we should be back to some MaggieGrace goodness. Gotta a show to get ready for - so I am in hunker down mode.

Have a wonderful day.

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