Friday, October 14, 2011

For my Mother-in-Love

I (we) have not dropped off the face of the earth.

The girls are doing their thing and we are driving all over the world (southeast) supporting them. Rome, GA ---- Spartanburg, SC ----- etc and so on.

I took a softball through the windshield of my vehicle -- 19 years of softball involvement with the College Girl and the Softball Princess and too many to count before then with the Man -- guess my luck ran out.

And I am officially working towards getting ready for the Artist Market on November 12th.

Here's the proof that I am working.

I have these altered composition books spread on my new (recycled) rolling table that the Crusty Old Plumber modified for me. Love it. The plywood top is removable and the table can be used in multiple ways. Whoo hoo. Handy to have a man in your life with really fun tools to work with ------

I have them all covered and spread out and now I am working my way through the embellishments stash to finish them. There are thing like Lace and Melted fabric flowers.

While we are here - lets just say - Damn these things are fun and quick and easy to make ------ AND WAY FREAKING ADDICTING. Cut circle of a fabric that will melt -- hold over candle flame -- you don't even get the fabric in the flame, the wave of heat just above the flame works wonderfully. LOVE THE WAY THESE HAPPEN AND LOOK.

This one is finished. I actually did it. I cut the original picture from a vintage poise book and used it instead of scanning it. The background of the picture is a button card - sans buttons.  Time to move on from the hoarding that has been so prevalent in the last several years.

In the past I have been picking the paper and all the embellishments then created the book. This time I just grabbed the papers and covered a stack of books, now picking embellishments and such to do the surfaces. I'll just have to see which way I actually prefer. So far, I like this way, because I can often add an embellishment to the pile on a book as I run across it. This is a good thing.

Let's just say -- I'm busy, happy, and bursting at the seams with creative energy. I'm not buying nearly as much crap to fill that empty place in my soul and that feels so good. I am ever so slowly working on some home projects and my finances in order to be in better shape so very soon.

I do hope this finds all of you happy and ready for a beautiful weekend -

Much love. ---- Teresa

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