Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She wanted to include ME as a profile in courage?????

 This is a post about courage - and also about discovery.

Let's talk about courage for a moment. My girls are so fortunate to have good friends. We have been surrounded by some wonderful people and their children (most of these kids are now young adults). I have loved many many of these kids a whole bunch.

The picture below is of two of these kids. Brittany (left) and Renee (r) Ellisor. BB is College Girl's friend and NayNay is a friend of the Softball Princess.

BB graduated high school as Valedictorian and off to college she went. She was to play softball and soccer in college. But God had another plan for her - this vibrant, beautiful, smart athlete started having problems and is now wheelchair dependent. She has been diagnosed with DYSTONIA.

Let's talk about courage. She REFUSES to give in to this disease witch has robbed her of much of her mobility. She has changed her major to something her body will allow her to do. With her determination and powerful witness, BB has changed my life.


So imagine my surprise when NayNay called and wanted information about my cancer experience. Why? Because she wanted to include me in her Profiles of courage. I was so moved by this request, especially with the knowledge that her sister is so much more courageous than I am.

This message is for Renee - Sweetheart, I love you and I am so honored that you considered me for your project. The only thing I can say is that God will meet your needs at the places you lean the most on Him. You are special and your phone call made me so very happy. You are beautiful and special and loved so much. (oh - and I blatantly stole these pictures from your facebook)

For the rest of us - I can't stop thinking about the deeper meaning of that chat with NayNay. Everyday, people are watching us. Watching the way we interact with others. Watching the way we handle the good things. Watching the way we handle adversity.

Courage is not looking for confrontation. Courage is not about being all big and bad and all that. Courage is very often quiet. It is about choosing to get up and recognize the blessings of every day. Courage is about realizing that you have another opportunity to celebrate your life and the impact of the lives of others. Courage is trying to make the best of every situation. Courage just keeps trying again in spite of the situation at hand. Courage keeps reaching out in love when there is such potential to be hurt. Courage is honest in the fact that I will do my best - realizing that some days my best may not live up to other expectations. Courage just keeps trying.  Listen peeps - at some level and in some way - we can ALL have a moment worthy of a Profile in Courage.

I want to keep living courageous.

Have a wonderful day.

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