Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Something I had never seen

Saturday's trip included a stop at an antique market. One that actually had a sign on the door asking us to "LEAVE YOU PURSE IN ONE OF OUR LOCKERS OR RETURN IT TO THE STORE."

I hate to say it, but that sign tells me immediately that I won't be spending too much money in this place. gonna have to be a really special thing for me to go back to the car for my purse. Just Saying.

Anyway - we spotted THIS.

Now I am a Ford girl through and through. My daddy had a 65 FastBack mustang. First boy I dated drove a california Special 1968 model.

My personal vehicle now is a Ford product.

(Rare political note - the fact that Ford did not take bailout money is a plus as far as I am concerned.)

Anyway - We spotted this little gem and it was WAAAYYYYY to expensive for the condition it was in.

Now I am scouring ebay for one - even if I have to restore it. Yup - I want one.

AMF Mustang Pedal Car - estimated mid - to late 1960's maunfacture date. The front logo on the ones I have found is the horse and not the name so I am not sure if that is orginal or not.

Again I say --- I WANT ONE.

I hope you guys have a great day ----

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