Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 warning - lots of poor quality cell phone shots because i was simply too lazy to go get the camera.

I'm working - on a lot of things - getting ready for the art market -- coming up fast (NOVEMBER 12)

There are notebooks ---

 The one above is my favorite for right now.

 But this one is fun too.....

There have been nature walks - and this little heart is being sent to my buddy MaryAnn who is facing some medical challenges right now. OBF - I freaking love you.

The above photo (spookified at is the scuttle door that leads under my house ----

On Sunday, I discovered a leaky water heater under the house. Yay, that's some fun money to spend.

Thank goodness this guy, also known as the Crusty Old Plumber, is my friend.  He scurried under - well not exactly - he took the door off, and chiseled out the stone from the bottom of the hole (my house foundation is solid granite), then scurried under and hooked up a new water heater under there.

Public Service Announcement and Sarcastic Statement Warning - I sell plumbing. The correct terminology here is WATER HEATER, not HOT WATER HEATER. When I answer the phone at work to the question "do you sell hot water heaters?" I answer it " no, we sell cold water heaters." No reason to have a heater for hot water. (smarta$$ remark moment over.)

The Crusty Old Plumber took the time to visit with me last night too. He polished all the silverware for bracelets and collage spoon pendants while I was working on composition books. He is so good to me and I am blessed to have people in my life that make me do this.......

I'm talking the kind of laughter that often leads to a phenomenon that we even laugh about. I have two kids - other mama's or ladies of my age can probably relate to this statement.....

Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my legs.

Yesterday that laughter was hard to come by, because this precious boy left us.

His name was Licorice (Ikish) and he was old old old. He came to us an abused, adult dog about ten years ago. He never lost his fear of men, but me and my girls were always loved by him. For the last several days, he had quit eating and drinking and just lay around. Crusty Old Plumber used his backhoe yesterday to bury him when he found him dead in his pen. I'm gonna miss him.

I hope your life is full of very special people. Mine is. 

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