Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A weeks rest

 Been to the beach.

Toes in the water. Ass in the sand.

Salt air. Sea breezes. Sounds of the surf.

Saw the sky pink up EARLY every morning.

Oh the joys of beaing at the beach with morning people.

Coffee club on the pool deck at 7 am.

We arrived for coffee a few minutes early every day.

In time to see the sunrise.

Each new day, I counted blessings.

Really, those blessings are almost as plentiful at the grains of sand on the beach.

Something about salt water - in the form of the ocean, or sweat, or tears - is very healing.






All of that lead to some very restful nights.

And much to every one's relief, I didn't even howl at the sight of the full moon.

More posts about the activities and such to come.

For now, I sure hope you enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

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