Friday, August 17, 2012


A DIY wedding ----- on a seriously small budget.

At least we still have a great attitude about the wedding details.

And the Bride-to-Be and I seem to work well together.

Oh - and there is the wonderful thing available.

It's my version of internet porn (wonder how many google searches will wind up here on that search?)

That wonderful thing ---- PINTEREST

Enough back story.

The Bride-to-Be wanted a "ring for a kiss" bell. Our Spin on this was a small bell that the bridesmaids could move all over the room randomly during the reception. Here is the pinned idea image.

 Enter crafty Mom - who's alter ego happens to be MaggieGrace - and a brainy ass idea.

I just happened to have in the stash a six flags souvenir bell - similar to the kennedy one pictured below (I stole this picture off Ebay)

I also own spray paint and a screwdriver --- oh and some embellishy stuff to ------

OOOOH -- this will be easy - Mom says.

use the screwdriver to pry off the little logo sticker
use same screwdriver and take cute little bell apart
spraypaint bell really pretty glossy white.
add strange little beady things to the area that used to say SixFlags
trim bottom of bell with glass beaded trim
use same screwdriver and reassemble the cute little bell.

See ---

Step back and sigh --- "how pretty"

text the Bride-to-Be about how pretty it is.

So why is this a FAIL ------

Well -- about that.

Pick up cute little bell and jingle it.

Shake it harder.

put it down and pick it up and try again.

Stomp snort cuss.

The damned bell won't ring.

Yes the clapper is there.

Yes it is reassembled correctly.

The problem --- think that the layer of spray paint has killed the wonderful little tinkle of the bell. It now just kind of thuds.

Now for the glorious news --- it is similar to the first fail in that it worked out ok.

I was going to chunk the bell - but being the full blown crafter that I am, I determine to save the little glass bead bling around the bottom, so I peel it off.

On the way to the trash can, I am shaking my head and laughing at this FAIL. I get to the garbage -- shake the bell one more time and ----- the damned thing jingles.

It was the trim that killed it, not the paint.

Well -- fail number two averted.

Have a great weekend.

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