Monday, August 27, 2012


The process of this DIY wedding stuff is daunting. I can see hours and hours unfolding --- 

I will be documenting this process  as we go --- hope you do not get too tired of the central focus in my world right now. 

Way back here, you got a glimpse of the beginning of the candolier.

It got painted white. 

I bought strings of pearl beads at JoAnne's Fabrics. 

I spent a huge part of my weekend sniffing Tacky Glue and going round and round and round. 

The drops got beaded.

Then the arms got beaded --- If you look closely in the picture above you will see that I put plexiglass circles in the cups to give us a level surface for the candle holders. 

Then I took it down to do some work on the hanging bracket - the bottom needed to be suspended because sitting it down was causing parts to bend.

So I looked and looked and found a suitable holder

I studied the progress and just did not like one detail -----

Look carefully in the picture below. The pearls I wrapped everything in were making the plain "bright" white paint bother me. I just didn't like it ----- so I pondered and fretted and came up with .......

( note - i had started painting this one before i thought to take a pic. -- the trick I decided to use really works nicely.)

A moment of sheer brilliant thinking --- and off to the drugstore I went.

Bottles of Revlon PURE PEARL nail polish.

I've painted several of the exposed details with it already and there will most likely be locations painted.

It really does make a difference in the richness of the look.

Then there were these places  --- the bare hooks. What to do?????

Shiny embroidery floss. (lets just say however ---- these were a pain in the ass.)

And last - here is the top with it's pretty beaded rounds.

Tonight I'll be stringing pearly and silver bits for the draping ...

Have a wonderful day --- you will be able to find me later stringing along.

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