Monday, August 13, 2012

Wow -- we got a LOT done

This was THE weekend. Last Saturday we ordered the wedding dress. This past Saturday was a sit down and go through the Pinterest boards and narrow down the DIY details we wanted for sure to use.

Now we go to work. I am sure you are going to be sick of all these details but sorry -- this blog is about my life and this wedding is my life as of right now.

Before I jump into the very first of the decided DIY details, I'm going to share my Sunday morning activity with you. I teach a 3 & 4 year old Sunday school class. Breaking the Bible lessons into things the kids can understand and keep the their attention on is a challenge. Add to that Miss Teresa is known for accomplishing way cool craft ideas for each lesson.

Yesterday was about Jesus having the children brought to him and how Jesus Loves us -- ALL of us.

For the craft to illustrate the lesson, I went to the MaggieGrace studio stash.

I gathered Alphabet Metal Stamps - small Hammers - tiny acrylic frames - purple paper - and some copper flashing pieces.

Show the three year old kids how to hit the stamps with the hammer and then I sacrificed the safety of my fingers.


The result -- these cute little framed reminders and I had every item in the stash.

Note - I donate almost every craft material we use to this class. Have for many years. This is a small community and the church has limited income. It is part of how I share my blessings. I gather materials from all kinds of sources. So some of this may have been scavenged or gifted or purchased. Again - my way of sharing blessings.

Onto wedding stuff. The Sparkler Sendoff has been decided for quite some time and I had been searching wedding blogs and pinterest for an idea to use for the items. Then I saw the image below.

 pinterest source

While we were at the beach, I discovered a huge jar (literally a jar) of shipping tags, which I bought for 5.00

Here is my interpretation of the pin above. I did the sample in "my" colors - not the wedding colors. I certainly did not want to waste the wedding colored papers on something that the Bride-to- Be may not like. Dang paper is going to be one of the biggest expenses.

We have made adjustments to the design - they will be stacked sideways for display so the box of matches will be turned the other way. And they will be made in the blues, whites, silver, and grey of the wedding colors.

Looking for friends proficient in the use of stamps - glue sticks - and scissors ------

Have a great week --- much love and many blessings

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