Friday, August 31, 2012

Sparkle and Shine

A long time ago, I posted about using the "good stuff". See, like all creative souls, I hoard my greatest finds for that moment, person, or event that I deem worthy of using those things. 

I think my daughter's wedding is that kind of event!!!

And it just happens that she was interested in

a vintage look (check) 

Lace (check) 

Eclectic feel (check) 

Saving money by doing a lot of it ourselves (check, check, check)

So we start pinning -- and digging through the stuff. Let's just say creative mom has a really deep pile of hoarded stuffs (all being saved for that perfect event

Things like chandelier drops. Super nice papers. Beads from her Great Grandmother's stash (there is a long line of us gatherers) Props and such from her Nomi (she's in this line too) 

And I am overwhelmed. 

But I have started a calendar/checkoff list for this here project. And I and recording my musings and progress here. 

Last night I was making the dangly bits (imagine that - the spell checker does not like the word dangly) and thinking about how readily I am pulling materials out of the stash to use. I took the picture below a pile of prisms and some of the most stunning paper I have in my stuff. 

Then this morning, I decide to play with the image using BeFunky (its free online)

OOOOH look --- that is so freaking pretty. 

So then I made it my Facebook cover. Just because I like it. 

Back to the work at hand. I want to finish this light fixture this weekend. 

I made the top tier of dangly bits (there is that squiggly red line again) and attached them last night. 

Confession - I made six versions and went back to dig for goodness before I was happy with these. 

They do look like I imagined hanging on the fixture. 

Ya'll have a great weekend --- 

I plan to. 

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