Wednesday, August 08, 2012

bucket list

If your nickname is LBF or Crusty Old Guy, then you know that visiting and climbing lighthouses is a bucket list entry. I really want to visit all of the lighthouses on the East Coast and climb them if they are open to the public.

There are 203 steps to the top of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. Yes we climbed them. Had to stop at the first landing to acclimate to the heavy, stifling air inside.

but look at the view from the top.......

Absolutely breathtaking.

One the way home there was a stop at the St Augustine Lighthouse. We were there before they opened and wait to climb this one. Maybe next trip.

We could see this lighthouse and wound our way down into the backways to the Amelia Island / Fernandina Beach Lighthouse. This was closed and further investigation shows that this one is only open to the public a few days a month and that you cannot climb the stairs at all. It is the oldest Lighthouse in Florida. This lighthouse remains in full operation and the coast guard is responsible for operation of the beacon today.

Now this wonderfully blurry and horrible picture below is just a "pin" so to speak. I've been trying to decide my porch ceiling color and I think I am going with what will now be called "lighthouse grey" in my world. I think I'll use this on the porch floors too. with my white house - black or dark green shutters and RED doors.

I sure did enjoy these little visits and want to visit more.

Here is a list of US Lighthouses by State

Here is a list of Florida Lighthouses

More to come on this trip.

Have a great day.

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