Monday, August 20, 2012


The bride-to-be will soon be adopting a new last name.

The wedding inspiration color is a vintage aqua Christmas ornament.

She will be tying her ring pillow to the groom's grandfather's scriptures.

Mom was tasked to create a ring pillow.

Saturday morning - these old eye's travelled out to my porch swing. We spread out and started to bead. I used a cross-stitch monogram snagged from a sampler pattern that I love.

Using delica seed beads from fire mountain in a color called silver lined turquoise, I stitched and beaded away.

I worked for about an hour and got to the point above.

Then cleaned the living room -- I am trying to get the living/ dining room to a point where I can use it as a work room for the next several months.

After I cleaned, I made a quick trip to Royston and ended up sitting on the sofa and beading some more.

These tiny seed beads are a pain to stitch on. One at a time --- and many times the needle was too big to go through the eye of the bead. This caused cussing and other mutterings under my breath. But I finished the monogram on Saturday evening ---

Kinda looks like the one Laverne had on her sweater in the Laverne and Shirley show (late 70's thru early 80's).

There is a pin on my pinterest board for the completed ring pillow design. Lets just see if Mom can make this happen.

At least this one comes with out mention of "fail" so far.

Wedding bells on my mind.

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