Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He Stole My Heart

He stole my heart ...... 


This Rusty, grungy, absolutely loverly piece of wrot iron is hanging on the wall above my desk.

Stolen off a remodeling job site. I spied it on a walk through and  before I knew it, this lovely came to live on my wall. 

Now if he would just steal the stunning building that is also on that property. The building that I took 4 steps into and screeched to a halt with a sharp intake of breath. I immediately whispered --- this is MaggieGrace World. My dream space for a studio. Oh well, guessing it will remain just that ---- 

No onto reality. 

Friday night found us - The Bride-to-Be and myself - gluing stuffs together. 

I managed to drip hot glue from my commercial glue gun and give myself 3rd degree burns between two fingers. 

Wedding prep hazard I guess. 

Oh and to really screw up the weekend, that same glue gun decided it was time to give up and die.

Hope you guys have a great day.

We are still diligently working for on details for the wedding ---- more to come.


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