Friday, September 14, 2012

Faking it........

Oh come on ... we are all adults.

Last night found me crashing ---- slept thru three alarms this morning too. Work. Wedding. Life. Busy. Busy. Has kept me up late and rising early and it all caught up with me. 

Wedding DIY continues. 

There must be thousands of little details to think about. 

One thing for sure - this wedding will be personal - very personal.

We are using a vintage typewriter as a prop and to continue the theme, I wanted / needed some of these. 

Although they are not super expensive, when you are doing all the wedding on a seriously low budget, you have to watch every penny.

Besides -- I happened to have this paper in the hoarded pile of stuff. It's a little over scaled from the real thing, but it has the look I want. (this paper is discontinued but I found a link for some similar on ebay)

So -- under the influence of the beverages consumed during phase one of the matchmaking project. (see previous post if you are confused) ---- I put my thinking cap on.

Then I proceeded to dig in the hoarded piles of stuff I call my stash.

And I found these. Big silver buttons. (Thank you Crusty Old Guy for befriending the button man at the flea market)

Note - I did not have enough of one style to finish the word I am attempting to use, but I had two styles that looked ok together and I was able to alternate my letters,  thus solving that little problem.

I cut out the letters I needed -

Adhered them using some Alene's Paper Glaze. (another note - the paper glaze will react and oxidize to green some things so proceed with some caution when using this medium)

I also covered them completely with the Paper Glaze.

Went to bed and hoped for the best.

There were giggles and squeals of glee the next morning. My FAKED typewriter keys were great.

Some days you get rewarded for risky behavior.

I have also been involved in a huge CIRCLE OF LOVE part of this project.

I've cut 100's of circles of all kinds of blue fabric.

Then I lit candles - needing a touch of romantic lighting. (just joking)

I used the flame from the candle and

Applied heat ---- lots of heat. To the edges of those circles.

I made little stacks of those circles again and they look like this.......

I'll be doing lots more of this over the weekend --- and then adding button centers to them.

I sure hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


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