Thursday, September 06, 2012


We will start with today's wedding goodness.

These are advice cards --- so if you are a friend of Molly's or Ben's. please consider your best advice to write on one of these at the wedding. I certainly don't want any of these to go to waste.

They actually turned out beautiful --- white cards with silver ink -- stamped one at a time with a stamp I thrifted for a buck fifty. Whoo Hoo. 

No for the fun stuff --- 

We took off to Dacusville, SC on Saturday. Dacusville Old Farm Days. There was a roadside flea market. Of course we stopped and shopped. 

I really did well on some of my purchases -- but the funniest thing we happen on, I did not buy. 

It's a metal chastity belt. Guessing its age to be from the middle 1800's. My Mom said she didn't think she was shaped like that. There was a lot of laughter over that discovery and I had to really fight myself not to buy it to hang in my bathroom as a conversation piece.

The pictures were made with permission.

This was a complete belt - working lock and keys included.

My girls are now adults, but there was a time in the not so distant past that one of these might have been ideal to have around....... just saying.

Have a great afternoon.

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