Wednesday, September 12, 2012

matchmaking Details ------

Getting my head back into the wedding details.

There have been 200 "Sparkler Sendoff" tags completed --- 

Easy to make, just lots of repeated actions.
Cut lots of rectangles of various papers. 
Stamp "L" monograms over and over. 
Get a margarita made. 
Gather glue sticks.
Drink Margarita. 
Glue papers around three sides of matchbox (leave a strike strip)
Drink more margarita. 
Drink - Glue - Drink - Glue. 

PHASE TWO (next night) 
Cut lots of rectangles of various papers.
Gather Flea Market Find shipping tags, papers, and glue sticks.
Tonight we drink wine (because upon opening the freezer we find that tequila is in short supply)
Glue papers to shipping tags. 
Trim overhanging edges. (leave this task to the Bride-to-Be since her hand is more steady - she's NOT drink wine)
Punch tiny holes to stick the sparklers through.
Make two extra rectangles because Bride-to-Be is convinced that you miscounted.

PHASE THREE (third night)
There is NO DRINKING tonight since I have reached my three drink per week limit at this point.
Lay out 50 tags on table (this is easy. 5 rows of 10 tags)
Start match making boxes to tags.
Use glue gun to attach boxes. 
Curse glue gun for deciding tonight is the time to die.
Get the tiny mini stick glue gun. (easily found by the way) 
Organize a massive search for the dang mini glue sticks (yes I know - if they were stored together) 
Find glue sticks and resume process of match making.
Four tables full of 50 adds up to 200. 
Look in your hand and discover that now there are two extra tags. (see Phase 2 for details)
Text Bride-to-Be that yes you can count and that SHE was the mistaken one. 

Pack these up with the sparklers and move that project index card from the top of the stack to the "later I will attach the sparklers and figure out how to display these" pile.

Several days ago I posted the picture of the ADVICE CARDS. Well as we are deciding how to display and where and such we are packing things up by table and by area. (An attempt at being organized -- MaryAnn Abbott please stop laughing at me)

Well I had this glass relish tray that was the perfect size for the cards. I tried it with lace strips. Nah -- that wasn't what we wanted. Then I dug in the vintage hankies and doilies that I have stashed (hoarded) and found one.

Looked for the iron (yes I had to hunt it) and starched and ironed the hanky. (right on the kitchen counter with a towel as an ironing pad) Squeal with glee because the Bride-to-Be is so very happy with this detail. Bag the whole shebang up in a ziplock bag. Pack it into the Guest Table Box and be happy that one detail is completely finished.

One last detail for today. I found this really pretty vintage light fixture globe at the thrift store. It had a dark antique brass finial on it, but since I am not afraid of spray paint - I had to have it.

I also had thrifted blue Christmas ornaments (not vintage). The Bride-to-Be has said repeatedly that she doesn't want Christmas decor. So I have been experimenting.

 I tried it with tiny LED lights. Didn't like that.

I tried it with a tiny battery tealight candle. Nope too orange toned.

Then I stacked some of the Christmas balls in it. OOOOH - I like that.

So I scrubbed it up and painted the finial parts with satin nickle spray paint.

I restacked the balls in it for Bride-to-Be to look at. This will make a reappearance in this form. I don't quite know how we will use it, but it will be utilized.

Hope you all have a great day.

I'll be learning about tankless water heaters this afternoon -- then later tonight I become the Wedding Event Maker again.

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