Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This post is a bit out of order. It's all about inspirations. Particularly of the wedding inspiration variety. 

You can find lots of inspiration boards out there on the net. 

and my personal favorite ---- snippet and Ink

But at the MaggieGrace house, we do things a tiny bit different. 

College Girl -- became Engaged Girl -- became Bride-to-Be and we started talking about what she wanted her wedding to "FEEL" like. 

Words like VINTAGE - RUSTIC - LACE - BLUE - MIDDAY - and such were tossed around. 

So we started our own version of an inspiration collection........

It soon became known as THE JAR. 

As she found inspirational items, we collected them in an old glass mason jar. I put it in the china cabinet and the phrase became "ok, I'll add it to the jar"

I have carried this jar all over northeast Georgia.

All of the blues coordinate with these ornaments.

There are some desilvered white ones as well.

After the jar was started, we both started pinning -----

Let's just say pinterest is a magnificent way for she and I to communicate.

Here is the link to Molly's Wedding Pinboard

Here is the link to mine.

She would pin - I would pin. there have been multiple repins.

I took these pictures against the wood of several pallets - since the signs for directions and such are going to be rustic wood. Above you see some of the jar contents.

And a close up of the mercury glass looking desilvered ornaments.

There are a lot of little bits in there that filter to the bottom Some will be used on button flowers and such.

After defining the colors and such -- we booked the venue.

Just look at this interior. That Light Fixture goes against this rock wall.

A bit of rustic - a bit of lace  - vintage and pearls

She also picked this dress --

Very classic --- simple --- beautiful. And it has pockets.

Now as we go forward --- MaggieGrace and Molly continue to add to those pinboards. New details everyday. But there is a new board over at my place. A very personal board. 

As we finish things --- as we finalize things --- as there are details to absolutely remember about this process, I pin them to the Wedding For Real board.

The DIY details are here in my blog. 

I am not one of those "rockstar" pinners or bloggers. I am simply using amazing tools to communicate and personalize a timeline event for my oldest daughter. 

I am amazed that the internet and other communication tools like texting and bluetooth sharing are there. Sure makes the visual communications easy. 

Have a wonderful day. 

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