Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Way back here, I posted the start of the first really decorative element for this wedding. I have posted details of the project all along since then.

Well that danged light is now finished. I put the final touches on it this long weekend.

Above is where we started --- sorry, I was really bad blogger and that was the only before picture I could come up with.

Hope you want to take a look at the final touches.

 Above is the very basic area that was just way to "flat" looking for me.

I thought and thought about adding pearls or rhinestones to this but then I happened on some magnificent pearlized paper.

So welcome Modpodge. I love it. Subtle from a distance and it simply adds to the overall wedding look of the fixture.

The next thing that bothered me was that all the cups were plain -- remember I removed the electrical from  this fixture so it will be all candles.

Again I dug through the stash. I thought about lace - then ribbon with dangly stuff. Then I found another stunning paper - a creamy iridescent paper. And I punched enough scallops to cover all the cup edges.

They needed just a bit of extra - and I had ordered these tiny rhinestones. That is sitting on my pinky fingernail for size purposes. I glued and glued - picking them up with a tiny little microbrush  using the lick and stick method  (the same kind of method my Nanny used on her hanky to wipe a spot off my face)  . Lee Valley Hardware rocks.

 This is a close up of that detail work.

There were lots of them.  It took hours to glue all those tiny sparkles.

Then I glued them around the cups. It dressed the candolier just the final amount of perfect.

One more little detail - a removable one, because the fixture comes apart to be moved.

I added some vintage embroidered trim to the top. It attaches with velcro to the top cup of the fixture. It fills in the open space at the top nicely.

It is now hanging in the bedroom and simply waiting for the next part of the project --- the arbor to hang it from

Here is a picture of the finished fixture -

What cha think folks????

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