Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to rest....

 We have a saying here at work ---- dang I'm glad it's Monday, I had to come back to work to rest.

Well this past weekend was one of those kinds of weekends.

A serious wedding work weekend.

I finished these ------- almost a hundred of them. It took Friday night work and ALL DAY Saturday but this little detail is done.

As I added the beads to the very last one, I proclaimed it to be MY FAVORITE ONE. Bride-to-Be and Future Groom were at the house watching the GA football game. She pops over to the table where I am working and says "why, it looks just like this one." 

My answer to that ---- IT'S THE LAST ONE. 

The one below is actually my very favorite one. The center is a Bridal Accent that I bought on clearance somewhere many years ago. I'm telling you guys I have pulled out the stops and am really using my good stuff for the wedding. 

Just in case anyone is interested there is a tutorial here for doing these. The steps I used were the exact same except I just cut my fabric into simple circles. And rather than a bucket of water - I just kept a really soaked kitchen towel on a plate on the table. 

How did I accomplish this finish?

Well the weather here in North Georgia is absolutely beautiful. Anyone who reads here regularly knows that I am a huge fan of fall. So early Saturday morning -- I took a blanket (made by my mom) and all the stuff for these to my "outdoor studio" space aka the front porch of my house.

I took this picture later in the day.

As I finished each flower I dropped it into the box and moved right along.

They all just look so pretty hanging out together. Many are similar, but many are definitely one of a kind. Thrifted buttons. Saved buttons. My Nanny's buttons. The Man's grandmother's buttons. Beads. Embellishments of all kinds.

Many Prayers for that girl and her soon to be hubby. Reflected in each stitch.

Saturday evening found me realizing I needed a gift for a shower.

It also found me completely unwilling to leave my house and go get something. So I decided cash was to be the gift. But how to give cash in a way to not make it look like I didn't take the time to shop.

By making it the beginning of a "Nest Egg".

I have several crochet nests that I have used for this type of gift in the past.

I took a library pocket and a shipping tag. Stamped the tag and added a lace pull.

Glue the cute little nest on some coordinating fall leaves. Add nest filler and  tiny bird to the pocket.

Tuck in the cash and we are good to go.

All from the stash.

The big flower project being finished, I now start the last HUGE (I REALLY ME HUGE) wedding production items.

We have this image pinned.

I own one of these and bought the Spellbinders heart dies. (smooth and scalloped sets)

Last night I started the process of punching the cardstock bases for some 600 of these hearts. Some on sticks and some not. I have ideas to use these all over the areas.

I punched 150 of the large scalloped ones from white cardstock. Tonight there is be more.

The Bride-to-Be and I attended the bridal shower for our friend Holly.

Every now and then I get a decent picture of myself. She, on the other hand, is always beautiful.

She was almost married with out her mom though. I went into my studio the gather up some fabric for a Sunday School Craft.

I found this in my studio fabric cubby. A 4 foot long snake shed. (I also found the snake this belongs to)

I am not afraid of the snake and my studio is an old barn, but I had let my guard down and he startled me.

It was a fantastic weekend.

Hope you guys had one too.

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