Thursday, August 29, 2013

a creative break and a really sweet friend

I love junkin'
I mean I REALLY love junkin'.

So, a couple of weekends back, I blew off work on Friday. 

Took the Softball Princess for a followup visit to the oral surgeon. 
Wisdom teeth - all four - gone at one time. 
All good - well almost all good - she has a little numbness around her lip from some nerve damage. 

Anyway - after her appointment - piled into the big white truck and took off to the mountains. 

There were several junkin' stops and there was silverware bought. Along with some odds and ends. Just stuff. 

The ultimate destination - my friend Tipper's girls were playing a concert. Those twins, Chitter and Chatter, and their parents are such a blessing. 

Made it an overnight trip and took off on Saturday morning just looking for some more junk. 

Ended up at the flea market in Murphy, NC. Now this is a real flea market. We wound up spending some four hours there before taking off toward home. 

Blogger uploaded these strangely and I refuse to fight with the internet today. 
But here are some favorites from the trip.

I spied this box and knew it was most likely way too expensive for me to take home. It is all wood and has pencil markings on the edges of the little compartments. Made from bits of cigar boxes. And OMG they left the labeling on them. FELL IN LOVE  LUST. 
Then the guy said 5.00 ------ and I grabbed 5 bucks from my wallet and yes sir eee - this baby is MINE.

After the concert, Tipper said she had something for me. She brought me a gift. She is an artist as well as a gifted writer. It was a beautiful mixed media angel. I love her ---- and she will hang with some other angels and gifts from angels soon. 

This stunning pink and green cabinet stopped me in my tracks ---- just look at it. Now - I have ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE to put this. But it took a lot of self control to not buy it anyway. 

There were several gasps and giggles that escaped on this little trek. There was a tiny bit of tequila consumed. There was rest and relaxing. I really recommend taking a time out for yourself and just do something FUN. 

And an FYI the spending was well controlled - I think the flea market total was 38.00. 

Have a great weekend.  I'm heading out to a festival Saturday - more on that next week. 

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