Thursday, August 15, 2013

A little Paris Romance

If we go to Hobby Lobby and you lose me, wait in the clearance aisle, I'll ALWAYS show up there before i leave. 

Several months back, I cruise that aisle and spot these bracelet blanks with heart shaped blanks. I bought all that were there at 1.99 each. And yes, you are right, I had no idea what I was gonna do with these. 

I tucked them in the pocket of my bead findings bag with just a heart sticking out of the top of the pocket and every time I looked at that bag on the shelf, I pondered. 

I didn't have bezels this size. HMMMM.

The Packaging did not have a template for the heart shape HMMMM.

Think - think - think

Well the muse has moved back into MaggieGraceWorld of late and I had a brainstorm. Taking a piece of chalk and a thin square of paper, I made myself a little heart shaped template rubbing. 

Then dug in the scraps and found a page of French words from somewhere. 

Cut 10 and glue them right in. 

The paper was WAY too bright white. So after gluing them in, I sprayed the hearts with bronzed GlimmerMist and let them dry. I love how the shimmer gathered at the edges of the hearts. HAPPY ACCIDENT.

After all of that dried, I went digging in my buttons and found some dark grey, Mother of Pearl buttons with hints of gold and brown streaking.

Added them using clear drying paper glaze.

Let it dry overnight and lookie here -------One Paris Romance heart bracelet.

Now to decide what to do with the other three I bought - I'm thinking this is an excellent way to use a few more paper scraps.

Feedback welcomed. 

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