Monday, August 12, 2013

glimpses of MaggieGraceWorld

I thought I might just share a few thoughts about having my own creative space. 

I did have help turning the old cotton house into a studio, help for the HEAVY lifting kind of stuff. But a lot of it, well I did a LOT of it myself. 

I also did every single bit of the space with cash - as I had the extra money. There is so much satisfaction in that little tidbit. I had wanted a space and wanted a space, but there was always the SOMETHING that came up, putting mom's little project on the back burner. 

Several years ago, I devised a plan to convert an old cotton house on our property into MaggieGraceWorld.


As I approach this door, I can already feel a change in my thought process. Many times, I have an idea of what I want to accomplish. Sometimes not. I absolutely love working in here.

Note - the flag folk art was a long ago gift from a friend of mine --- LIZ LAMPE.

I try to get some time in the Studio (also known as The Barn or MaggieGraceWorld) every day. Even if its, just to put a couple of things back into their place. (note - the putting back is something I am seriously trying to work on becoming a habit.)

If I happen to be in there around the sunset hour, I try to step to the stoop and watch for a few minutes.

For the picture below, I actually came out into the yard and took a photo of the sunset being reflected in the clouds behind the studio.

I do a ton of mix media work. Jewelry, paper craft, fabric work, crochet. I got STUFF to work with --- and tools. Now, I'm not one of those have to have the latest and greatest newfangled tools. I have had the same paper cutter for years and I still use my Sizzix original die press from about 12 years ago too.

I caught this glimpse the other evening while I was working on some altered composition books. Plain old scissors, needle nosed pliers, the steel plate I use to stamp metals, and a hammer. The hammer is like one my Nanny always kept in the kitchen drawer. It was given to me by a wonderful friend. I really don't know if I ever fully expressed my gratitude for that meaningful gift. But every time I use it, I think of the gift and the giver and lift a prayer for thankfulness for the blessings of friendship. Every single time.

This picture also includes a glimpse of the plywood surface of my work table. I had a free cart that was saved from the scrap yard. I described an idea for a top to fit it and voila - a work surface was born. again - created from scrap and at minimal cost.  The cart it fits rolls out of the way for cleaning and making a little more space. PERFECTION.

Now about the name MaggieGrace Creates and MaggieGraceWorld.

This hangs over the air conditioner in the studio. Cherished. Heartfelt. Also a gift of love.

Here is the MaggieGrace story.

My studio is special to me. My studio is not fancy. No where near what you visit on the Where Bloggers Create kinds of tour, but my how I love this place.

I had someone once say that it looked like their childhood picture of Santa's workshop. I'm considering that one of the ultimate compliments ever.

I sure hope that you might consider coming by my house and joining me in MaggieGraceWorld at some point. I'm betting we will find something to do.

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