Wednesday, August 14, 2013

journaling supply

Feels so good to be back in the studio on a regular basis. 

Now I have several projects in the house that need attention to - but for right now there is just a LOT happening in MaggieGraceWorld. 

I have had quite successful sales of my altered composition books. They start with those old fashioned - black and white speckled - composition books. Then I add STUFF. (God knows I have stuff)

Here are three of the latest ones I have finished. 

 I called this one Notions - a gold colored scrapbook paper for the covering - and including a scrap of a sewing pattern instruction sheet - a travel sewing kit - ribbon reel end, snap display card, and a short piece of a tape measure.

This one I called copper rust - the paper looks like rusty tin. (I think I have one more sheet of this paper)
I added a strip of crinkled up copper flashing and a rusty metal star.

Here's the detail from this one - the oval "inspire" is a scrapbook embellishment.

I posted this on my instagram  the other night. This was my Daddy's ring. He made it from a stainless steel fork. And here I am,  many many years later, making jewelry from vintage flatware.

Have a great day all. 

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