Monday, August 19, 2013


I've been very productive of late. This is a good - no GREAT thing. 

I've got a big stash of the composition books and a ton of ideas for them. 

But when I sit down and start on them - sometimes I just stall out. 

The two I'm featuring today were STALLED - seriously stalled for a bit. 

See that blue paper background? HEAD OVER HEELS for that paper. Looks like old old crackled wood. and I was determined to use it. 

So I covered the front of the book and then could not find any embellishments to go with it. 

I thought and I dug and I pondered and fretted.

Then  remembered a box (SOMEWHERE) that I had hardware in. Old doorplates and pulls type of hardware. 

Found the box and this old doorplate. I scrubbed it up and sprayed it with some sealer. But what to do about the keyhole - the lock was long gone.

I scrounged around and found this stamp. It is patterned after old postmarks. I stamped it and glued behind the plate. Then I filled it in with 3d paper glaze. Fun and perfect.

Glue onto the cover. I really really like this one a lot.

Another one that stalled (and that I almost just left without anything on it) was the old measuring tape one.

This is a great paper - with glossy and embossed areas - featuring these old measuring tapes.

Again - I pondered and dug.

For some reason - this felt like an old general store kind of thing.

Gather - old receipts from a dry good store (1920's receipt) and some from a traveling salesman to a lumber company (1950's)

I had a torn bit of a tape measure  - and a polite "collection notice" sticker (thank you MaryAnn)

But for some reason this felt unfinished.

So I left it and came back to it later.

I found some shims I had tucked away and stamped them with some block numbers. (8-15 happens to be my grandmothers birthday - The Man's grandmother's birthday - AND my daughter's birthday)

But they were not exactly the right color ---- GlimmerMist - great stuff and they now have it at JoAnn's.

I sprayed the shims and knew this was perfect.

Pile it all up - and glue it down.


Hope you guys have a great day.

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