Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Drake is coming.......

Twas a busy busy weekend for me. (There was NO napping)

Friday evening, I finished an art piece that will be posted later. 

Saturday AM I sealed it ---- I use ModPodge for my word art. In the southern humidity, it can get sticky, so after everything dries, I spray the pieces with a clear spray sealer. 

Took the Softball Princess to the doctor -

Took off to college girl's new apartment. 

Cut down a closet shoe shelf and made her three flower boxes from the wood. She wants to grow some fresh herbs for herself. 

Helped her paint a bookshelf. And made some wood stain using the vinegar and steel wool recipe. 

All that was Saturday afternoon. 

Return home - quick bite to eat  then to my studio to get ready for a Sunday afternoon baby shower. (I be the head of a one person decorating committee) 

I had pulled out all of my girls Beanie Babies and packed them up with some other display materials. 

And then I made a pennant banner 

And a hand full of paper pinwheels.

Each table had a different set of critters.

This was great fun.

Bats and iguanas

Some little birdies - not blue.

A little bit crabby.

Sweet puppies came too.

Mama Stork brought the bundle ----
 and the friends gathered round.

To Celebrate a baby ---- nothing sweeter can be found.

Welcome welcome baby Drake.

This squirrel centerpiece was my favorite - and there is a story behind this. A story involving a deep, heartfelt discussion one afternoon.

I was having a really important conversation with someone - a conversation about relationships, choices, decisions, money, children . A really important conversation. And I don't know why - even to this day - but my mind kinda derailed. Kinda derailed --- not even close to how this played out. My mind took a hard turn and left that conversation with this question

"Have you EVER seen a squirrel shit?"

Let's just say there was stupid hysterical laughter - THANK GOD THE PERSON I WAS TALKING WITH HAS A SIMILAR TWISTED SENSE OF HUMOR.

Now we use the phrase to call attention to the fact that a conversation is not getting us anywhere.

Either of us will say --- "are you watching for squirrel shit?"

I'm ending this one with a picture of one of my favorite littles --- This is Canaan (BabyCane) --- and he is a sweet sweet baby.

Check out those big blue eyes.

Here is hoping that your week has started as lovely as mine. It is a beautiful day here.

Happy Monday ---

Oh - and as we approach September - I'm thinking on doing the SIMPLY SIMPLE SEPTEMBER again.

Low key - SIMPLE posts. Little projects - simple recipes - noticing beautiful details ---- life SIMPLY appreciated.

Please play along. I'll most likely do mine on INSTAGRAM as well as here - so if you want to follow me I am here ------ maggiegracecreates

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