Wednesday, August 21, 2013


So I saw a pin and I followed the link and I found this image.
I do not know how long ago. 
But I guess the idea stuck in my brain. 


I thrifted this wooden tray. Well made, kind of blah, but at 1.99 well worth the expense. And I knew I could make something  better of it. 

Rode it around in the car for a few several days.

What is it about the muse named --- THAT'S IT, THAT'S WHAT WILL WORK.

So I scrubbed it with plain old soapy water. Let it dry and painted it with a bit of Pantone Paint Sample
in Whitecap Grey  which Pantone describes as a classic - off white. 

I love this color and in my work of late I am seeing that I much prefer a low color - low contrast look. 

I've also recently used Valspar Twine (has some pink undertones) and Valspar Tightrope (very similar to the whitecape grey)  as well. 

Then I used my modpodge and some sheet music and covered the inside of the tray. 

Once that dried , I sprayed the modpodge area with some clear sealer too keep it from getting sticky in the sweet southern hunidity.


I found jar lids and rings in my stash (imagine having two boxes of those??? .I'm sure I was planning to can or make jelly in the past.)

I stamped a music pattern imprint on some mulberry paper. Cut circles to fit my lids and using plain old Elmers white glue , glued them into the jar lids.

I stamped the back of some vintage ticket with the words - journey, rejoice, faith, and dream.

More glue - this time UHU glue stick. Love that stuff.

I then had to the most awful part of this task --- she smiles as she types this. I dug through the buttons in only ONE of my button containers. I found similarly sized and tones brown buttons and glued them in place using Alene's Tacky Glue.

This will be used to display pendants at craft shows.  24 compartments - an almost perfect fit. Nothing is permanently attached to the tray except for the decoupaged music. And the lids even come out of the rings so i can easily change that part too.

Versatile - and as the compartments are emptied, it is still pretty to look at too.

This was a fun little project.

More fun stuff to come.

(notes - I am spending a lot of time in the studio of late. I worked hard to fix it to be usable and comfy for me. I am using up stash constantly and that is a good thing too. It's also a really place for pondering and sorting out details of my life. Its a wonderful thing. And when the MUSE shows up to play --- well that it just Icing on the Cake.)

Have a wonderful day.

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