Thursday, May 25, 2006


This is Abby - doing what she loves. She is first of all my beautiful baby girl. And one of the best surprises I ever received. Did not think we would have a second child. Long story, another post. She plays shortstop, center field, some first base, and catcher if needed. Great student. Kind, loving, compassionate. She is my social child, and alway has a group of friends around her. She has several best friends. She's also the one who has "GO" as her middle name. She is creative as well but spends less time doing that kind of activity because she would rather be going somewhere with somebody.
I really thought pictures of bruises would have been a boy thing but as an athelete we are proud of "battle scars". This bruise came from being hit by a pitch in her softball game. She plays travel softball and Dad coaches outfields and first base. Dad also keeps the website for these girls. See link on sidebar for that website. Add to the sports, soccer and basketball.
When we started this team, we had no idea how much fun and companionship we would gain as a family. Unlike rec dept. teams and school ball, this is a select team that will play together for years to come. We spend many weekends and evenings together as a group. So much fun. I want to say a special hello to all those parents and girls. As they have improved, we are winning more and more games. It is so much fun to see the girls skills and decision making on the field improve. We will be playing a national tournament in July.
As a group these coaches and parents are dedicated to providing good leadership and growth to these young ladies. All of the coaches have girls on the team. We want them first to learn life skills and then to become better athletes. There is not a parent assocaited with this team that I would not send my child with. It is not unusual for these girls to spend the night with each other. Several go to church together. The others are regular visitors to each others church. And all but 2 go to school together. So this fantastic group of girls and their families have become a support network for each other.

Starting this blog was a way of sharing my life. I can't imagine anyone finding what I do interesting but for some reason people continue to visit. I do know that I read others blogs and am inspired by them, both artisically and emotionally. So as this continues, I will introduce you to others who are important to me and hopefully you all will keep visiting and encouraging me and each other.


norththreads said...

Oh my, you have one of those surprize miracle babies too ahhhhh, I sure cant imagine life without mine!

Mike Milbrath said...

Thanks for coming to my blog. Yes you may link to it although my responses due to recovery aree likely to be short. As a high school teacher it has been my experience thaat the kids whos parents stay connected to them do far better sociaally and aacaadmicaally. My spelling sucks because of my current blindess.

much love,