Tuesday, May 30, 2006

For Molly and Abby

brittany (l) & molly (r)

abby (l) renee (c) Cortney (r)

No craft post today. I am working on something but can't post it yet.

We spend a long and miserably hot weekend at the softball field with Abby's team, in Conyers, GA. Then spent Monday just resting and relaxing in the AC.

I have seen this list on several blogs and decided to do a little different take on it. My girls mean so much to me and I want them to know that so here goes.


I AM: Your mom. And so proud of both of you.

I SAID: I would never be like my mom and dad. Parts of me still are and I can't help that. Parts of you will be like me and you can't help that.

I WANT: You to have a better life than I. (I think every parent wants this for their child.) You can do anything you want, just always be true to yourself.

I WISH: The best in life and love for you. Find the things you are passionate about and have them in your life at all times.

I HATE: That people will hurt you. That you will suffer disappointments. That you will make bad decisions and have to suffer those consequences. But you can survive all of that.

I MISS: The way you needed me for everything when you were little.

I FEAR: Something horrible happening to either of you.

I HEAR: The laughter in your voices. I hope I always will.

I WONDER: What you will tell your children about your years growing up.

I REGRET: That you never knew my dad. He would have brought so much to your life.

I AM NOT: Willing to live in the past nor am I willing to let you.

I DANCE: With you. Always remember how fun it is to dance and play.

I SING: With you. "I Feel Good" will always bring joy to my heart as I remember all the times we sang together. Can't make myself sing "Hangnails and Boogers". Dad will have to do that.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: As sure about myself and decisions as you might think.

I MADE: Sure that I LOVE YOU was a daily part of conversations with you. Everyone needs to hear that from a sincere person often.

I WRITE: This for you. You are beautiful girls inside and out.

I CONFUSE: Wants and needs. What we all really need is love, nourishment, shelter, clothing, and faith. Everything else is a want.

I NEED: For you both to love deeply, fully, and honestly.

I SHOULD: Try to protect you from some things in the world. Sometimes not be such a realist to you.

I START: Everyday thanking God for you both and praying that you will make good decisions about your life.

I FINISH: Everyday thanking God for you both and praying that you will make good decisions about your life.

I BELIEVE: In a loving God. and that you can do practicallly anything you choose.

I KNOW: that being your mom is one of the biggest blessings of my life.

I CAN: look back on your birth and life and know that I always tried to do right by you.

I CAN'T: Live in the past. I have to let you grow and expand your world as you are ready.

I SEE: Each of you becoming respectable and respectful young ladies. Be true to yourself and I will consider everything you do a success.

I LEARN: Something new from you everyday.

I READ: My Bible and try to apply those principles to my life. I read other literature to learn, to relax, and to be inspired.

I FIND: Humour in strange events and places. Every life should have laughter in it.

I LAUGH: With you, at you, and about you. Also with and about others and myself.

I LIKE: Knowing that you are my girls.

I LOVE: You both - no matter what. Fully, deeply, unconditionally, eternally.

I BLOG: Because I want to share this special relationship with this creative community. I want to have others know more about me and the people in my life. I hope to inspire someone to be better than they were before they read my thoughts. I blogged this because I am proud to be your mom.

I TAG: Every mother or father who read this, to share a list with your children. I am sure that I can add so much more to my list as I think about other things that my girls bring to me. Please leave a comment or link if you wish to share any of your thoughts or lists with my community.


carolyn said...

Maggie--Your girls are so, so lucky to have your love. They will carry it with them always and pass it along as they grow and be stronger for it. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

With your love your girls have everything!

Shelly said...

Your girls are so blessed to have your as their mother...

I took the challenge and put up mine to my sons.


autum said...

This is beautiful. I like your take on this meme.