Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Mailbox Overflows

I love a full mailbox. Especially when its full of swap goodies and notes and cards from all the creative ladies out there.

Blogger finally cooperated with the photos so a quick thank you catch up.

Buttons. These are from Alana - the photo is not clear but there is a local button in there from Toronto. I am going to use the HUGE fuschia one as a flower on a handtowel. You know the kind that you won't let your family use because its just to be pretty.

The other picture is of crocheted granny squares from Sarah and two cute pair of earring from MAA my secret (haha) Indie Pal. Can we do this again Sarah - just me and you - later in the summer?

Indie Pal has a wonderful style and the card that came with the earrings made me giggle. It says
"happy earrings in the mail day"

Thank you - Thank you.

I have had wonderful swap experiences with most people. I have had a few deadbeats - but I refuse to complain. I choose to focus on those who are pleasent and get rid of those who aren't. I will not focus on the let downs and I WILL celebrate those people who build others up, encourage, and inspire.

By the way - did any one else cry last night when Vince Gill gave away his humanitarian award to the precious little Make A Wish child?

I will be parked tonight in front of the TV for American Idol. Impromptu poll says Taylor is our new Idol - any comment on this?

ATC Update - Molly has made some - I will post photos later - first comment today gets her first set.


lalheg said...

Does that mean I get the ATCs?

maggiegracecreates said...

why yes it does. and she is so excited about sending them to you - will post tomorrow.

lalheg said...

I will get one of mine to make her some as a trade