Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ATC UPDATE - the list

Jen - yours are on the way. I just sent them to the post office. Once you receive them, please let me know and I will add a photo here.

Lisa - you are next.

I will use this post to keep the list for everyone so please come back here and check in.

Now for the comments I have about this project. I had no idea when I started how challenging this would be for me. I have started selecting the ideas for the 3 unit cards - quotes or words that go together - then images and colors to represent it - then what medium to proceed with - then embellishments - and even a title for each card. Part of the reason for this project was to explore different mediums as a part of the process. I find myself wanting to go back to "easy" mediums for me so that has presented itself as the biggest challenge. If anyone has ideas or comments on these challenges, please comment. Or if you just want to leave words of encouragement, do that too.

I hope everyone will look at this as an indulgence project with the outcome being a gift from me.

For those who are new to this project - I am on person #22 on the sign up list so send the info to your friends. I am not going to cut if off until July 1st or 50 sign ups.

ATC Indulgence Series

#1 of 150 LAUGH
#2 of 150 GIGGLE
#3 of 150 PLAY
_________________mailed to jen 5-23-2006
#4 of 150 FLY
#5 of 150 SOAR
#6 of 150 GLIDE
_________________mailed to lisa 9-11-2006
#7 of 150 REST
#8 of 150 RELAX
#9 of 150 RENEW
_________________mailed to heather 9-12-2006
#10 of 150 TRAVEL
#11 of 150 EXPLORE
#12 of 150 EXPERIENCE
_________________mailed to kristin 9-11-2006
#13 of 150 HOPE
#14 of 150 STRENGTH
#15 of 150 COURAGE
_________________hand delivered to tammie 9-20-2006
#16 of 150 WORSHIP
#17 of 150 REJOICE
#18 of 150 CELEBRATE
_________________mailed to dawn 9-20-2006
#19 of 150 RECLAIMED
#20 of 150 RECYCLED
#21 of 150 REUSED
_________________mailed to holly 9-21-2006
#22 of 150 DINNER
#23 of 150 DRINKS
#24 oF 150 A MOVIE
_________________mailed to laura hegarty12-20-2006
#25 of 150 HOME
#26 of 150 FAMILY
#27 of 150 FRIENDS
________________mailed to Katie Cannon 1-3-2007
#28 of 150 EARTH
#29 of 150 WIND
#30 of 150 WATER
_______________mailed to Catarina Filipe 1-3-2007


lisa said...

looking forward to them!!

ellia said...

am i too late! you left a comment saying to check it all out and i read it and loved your idea!!! but i couldnt think of a good enough quote.... so i been procrastinating because of that... your project sounds huge but fascinating!!!! if its not too late, i would love to get a set! i have so much to catch up on.... my email addy is greenbeanbaby at gmail dot com... i cant wait to see how they all look!!