Thursday, May 25, 2006

Soul Patrol

Blue Swap goodies - sorry there is no photo of the craft books that were gone the second they were opened.
Molly has been making bracelets and necklaces from the macrame books. So trust me - they are appreciated. So much fun to watch my girls discover their talents.

Crafty gal goodie from the UK. LOVE IN 4 PARTS. Thanks so much for my art book. I am so excited to get these snail mail packages of handmade goodness. The was also an ATC included with this. Thank you so much. The hearts are all folded & dimensional when you open the book. Every one is different. The ATC was immediately grabbed and put on display with other inspirational items. Sorry - I didn't get a photo of it. Thanks so much.

My Idol won. (Well kinda) I was a Chris fan all along and was stunned when he went home. I always liked Taylor for being a wonderful entertainer and was thrilled when he won. Last nights show was an incredible show as well. Hope a ton of you watched.

As promised, now that blogger is once again allowing me to post photos, here is the package from Theresa with all the paper and other goodies in it. To the far left is my FAVORITE part, the gift tags. I already had a photo of these on my wish book - so i was THRILLED !!!!!!! when I opened the envelope and those were there.

If you haven't been to Posy Gets Cozy blog and looked at her studio, you should. She is the true blog queen in my book. And her studio is amazing. I have the blog link on the side. All of those links are daily reads for me. All of those people are so talented and they share so much of themselves in their blogs.

I still struggle with this. But we are looking at creating me a space. And I will share that process with all of you.

Have a beautiful day.


lalheg said...

hey babe - open the book and tie the ribbons together and it will stand - it's a cross between a tunnel and a pop up book. Can't even remember which ATC I sent you - head like a sieve

lalheg said...

Link away sweetie and I'll reciprocate!

norththreads said...

What wonderful writing!, great blog & cute stuff!