Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Beautiful Family Grows Again

This is another completed item off my list. The baby shower. I originally was going to use a princess and the pea theme. But then I made the lambkins and they were too cute. So here is the centerpiece in its finished format. The candles are incredibly easy as well.

Instructions for the lamb can be found at

To do the candles.
Find the size of column candles you want to use.
Find tissue paper in a pattern or color you love.
Cut the tissue paper to fit around the candle - it needs to meet in the back but not overlap.
Lay the candle on its side.
Line up the tissue paper and hold against the candle.
Using your heat gun (doesn't everyone have one) heat starting at one edge and slowly roll
the candle as you heat through the tissue paper. The wax will bleed through the
paper and over the edges to adhere the tissue to the candle.
You can use with just the tissue applied or then embellish with pinned on ribbon and
This process will also work with plain paper copies. Pages from books, etc.

I have no idea where I saw this process originally, but I have used it to make custom candles for wedding showers, parties, baby showers, and various gifts.

Nancy, if you are reading this, you are a beautiful woman and an incredible mother. Haley and Mack - you are going to be fantastic siblings for baby Addison. Jonathan - thank you for providing a Godly father image to your family and to others around you. You are a beautiful, inspiring family and we love you all very much. Can't wait for the princess to get here.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day.


Leslie said...

Adorable centerpiece. Love the candle idea. Have you ever done monograms on candles? (Carves out letters on candle and paints with gold paint) A friend of mine makes them every year for Christmas presents. Thanks for sharing.

anaromerodesign said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm here in retribution to your invitation! Thanks also for adding me to your links! I will be back again!