Friday, July 21, 2006


Yes - it's Friday. I know I should post photos of the inside of the Studio, but me and the black snake have a difference of opinion about me going in. I know he is there and I am not startled by him, but I choose not to spend time in his company. This may be the most interesting part of this renovation. Evicting the snake. I will paint things light colors so I can see him if he chooses to return.

The top picture is the of the door latch on the building. I love the ingenuity of this kind of thinking. It is created from an old "U" bolt, part of some unknown farm equipment, and a railroad spike. I hate that we are goint to lose this door. I am changing the door to a traditional glass windowed door that I can lock and will help with the light in here. I will keep the tin off this one though and make something from it. The latch assembly will find a new use too. Funny - when I look at this picture I see that brown and grey do match. That is a color combo I would never have put together - but look at the beauty of the weathered surfaces. Do you ever wonder if non-creative people see things like creative people? Do others "NOTICE" details like that?

The second picture is something I started on the spur of the moment last night. In an earlier post, I had a list of things to accomplish. Too many. But listing them helped and I have narrowed down the list significantly. One of the things was a baby gift for Lori. She is having a girl too. So I had to come up with something for her. I picked up a back of scraps at a thrift store sometime back because it had some vintage linens in it. There were also several short pieces of acrylic worsted weight yarn and, in the remant bin of Hancock Fabrics, I grabbed several pieces of polar fleece for 1.00 each. I have a piece of this soft pink and another in baby blue. I am thinking on a scalloped edge for each and sewing on the quick crochet flowers in multiple colors for blankets. I know the blue sounds a little boyish but strewn with flowers I think it will be okay. And - I will be using what I have. I can also crochet these in the car on this trip next week, and sitting and stitching at the field will pass the time too.

I have the list of craft items to take. My focus is going to be the ATC indulgence project. I have everyone's words assigned and am sketching the plan for each card. I bought a rolling toolbox many years ago and it will be full of crafty goodness. I plan to spend my evenings in the hotel room working on this project. It it not very portable so I'll spread out and leave it. Does anyone else out there ALWAYS travel with a project?

See, I am still creating. I hope you all are having a pleasant summer. It's close to 100 everyday here and that horrid southern humidity. Your makeup melts off as you step out the door. Forget panty hose - its almost impossible to peel them on and off. I also hate that feeling of my underwear sticking to me. I am ready for fall and those much nicer days.

Back to work I must go. As always - have a beautiful day.

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mariannealice said...

Yes, I ALWAYS travel with at least one project, generally more! I go crackers if I don't have anything to work on with me!