Friday, July 07, 2006

the studio - work in progress

Sorry for the really crappy picture. This is where all the stuff that is now taking up space in "my" studio is going. Soon. This is what we call the big barn. It's actually my favorite on the property. It is big, has multiple rooms, a hay loft that the girls have played in, and my favorite part, it is covered with trumpet vine. Hummingbirds find the slender and bright orange flowers irresistable.

When we moved in, the barn still had lots of "stuff" in the rooms. Now we have sorted through all of that and added our own things. It was hard work to clean out but still so much fun. For some reason, I am drawn to "old things" - I know at least one person who will find that statement funny. I am drawn to "handmade things." I think that is why I love the house and barns on our property. They were not built by someone to sell. They were built by the owners, family and friends. They were built as shelter and protection for those who lived and worked there. This barn was built using rough cut lumber from the area, stones for the supports underneath. Not a simple thing to do at the time. There is an honesty in old buildings that new construction does not have. There is a quiet beauty in that honesty.

I hope that someday people "find" things that I have made, that others have made, and find the quiet beauty in the handmade aspect of them.

I promise to post some crafty things next week - I am cutting a swath through the to do list.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

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posy press said...

i agree....something so special when you can imagine the hard work that goes into things like this little barn. you are so is going to be absolutely amazing when you are finished with it...keep us updated!