Friday, July 21, 2006

More of My Home

Wow - Horrible photo angle. Okay so photography is not a strength.

This shelf hangs above the piano in the dining room. Antique upright piano - needs work - nobody at my house plays. Another post.

The shelf has a beautiful cherry stain and it is designed as an over the toilet shelf with a flip down drawer sized for toilet paper. I keep candles in there.

Any way this picture is for you to see more of "ME" and what I like. The creamers are all that heavy commercial solid white ironstone. I love the weight of anything made from this and the white is so versatile. It is getting harder and harder to find. Some of the creamers were my dad's and I have purchased some. They are in all sizes and I would love to find more. I don't think I paid more the 1.50 for any of them.

The bowls were Mama Norvan's who was absolutely one of the neatest people I have ever known. I know this type of pottery has a name, but I don't have a clue what it is. I really like the pink and teal striped one.

I am in a wonderful frame of mind today. I am grateful for my home and family. I have people who love me and support me. I have those I can lean on. I have those who can lean on me. I have been blessed with friendship beyond comparison. I am in a position to be generous with my time and resources. All in all - I have a beautiful life.

I wish you all a beautful life too. Have a beautiful day.


carolyn said...

Just read your birthday post and I can't believe how many crafty bloggers were born in July. Mine is the 12th! So happy belated birthday.

maggiegracecreates said...

My mother-in-law just emailed me with more information about this pink and teal trimmed bowl. Mama Norvan used the bowl to make cornbread.

I will try to get a post up soon about this really incredible lady.

Have a beautiful day.

kristin said...

what a lovely and inspiring post t! i love to come by here as i just feel my spirits lift! :)