Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I bid you good peace

This is one of my items for the July black and white swap. I love the challenge that constraints on a project causes. In this case the black and white color scheme was a major restriction.

I found the frame on sale at biglots. It was for one of those panoramic photographs. The background is stamped on glossy white fingerprint paper. (there has to be some magic trick for aligning images when using a repeat like this.) The "peace" is stamped on plain white card stock individually. and the frames are another scrapbook item. What the photo doesn't show is the different textures embossed on these black leather frames.

The entire package is a box of mixed media supplies in black and white and then includes this small handmade gift. I hope the recipient enjoys this.

About swaps, I have been on the ass end of some really crappy partners of late. I try really hard to get swaps done and out. Sometimes I am a tiny bit late. But never a no send. I have at least 6 swap partners who have never sent my incoming items, and the bad thing is - no email or contact in any way explaining the problem. I think I am going to only do small, individually organized swaps from now on.

I participated in the NikkiShell postcard swap and got all but one of my cards. They are beautiful and well made. (photos to come).

Enough of the bad stuff. We leave on Tuesday morning July 25 to go to Mississippi to play ball. Right now getting all that together is top of the list for my life. So not much crafting to come. Wish these girls luck and if you are of a prayer based faith, please pray for our safety as we travel and play.

Have a beautiful day.

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