Thursday, July 13, 2006

The world is full of creative people

Swap goodies. This is my latest package. From a new friend - thank you so much Brina. You really should have a blog.

This is from the dollar store swap on swap-bot and it was so much fun to unpack. The outer wrap was plain brown paper. Then when I opened that, I found sequins floating around and this wonderful collaged box. (Nicholas Cage was well represented) Things were labeled with the fun little notes and it all fits me to a "t".

Brina, thanks for taking the time to put together such a personal and thoughtful package. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

Now for my week, the stressful stuff is almost over. I have the table decorations done for a baby shower. I used the lambkin pattern and we are going with a scripture theme. More pictures tomorrow. Youth retreat is this weekend - then that will be done. I am caught up on swaps for right now. 4 packages will go in the mail on Friday. Now all I have to do is get the remainder of things together for the Softball National Tournmaent trip.

I have seen craft survival kits on several blogs. And I have a list started for things to take to Mississippi with me. Any ideas from you guys about what to take. We will be keeping the girls close to the hotel a lot of the time to stay rested, so I will have craft time. The plan is to finish several of the ATC while I am there. Funny, I haven't even thought about what to take to wear, but that craft list is being formed. I guess that shows what my priorities are.

It has been really quiet in blogland. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer.

Have a beautiful day.

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brina said...

im so glad you loved everything teresa! your package was so fun to make! i signed up for the next dollar swap, hopefully well be albe to swap again sometime:) take care & happy birthday!