Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shelley - this is for you

The scarf. Not the child. Although there are times when I would gladly send her to someone. But, then I want her back.

The scarf is an easy ballfield project. Even in the Georgia heat, it was fun to work on. Small granny squares (4 rows). They stretched into the rectangular shape once assembled. And this yarn, no one can describe it adequately. Soft and light and warm. (I wish I could find more, because the ball team girls would like a scarf, too.) Yes, for all the purists out there, it is acrylic, but that means washable and really wearable. Shelley, I hope this is an appropriate end of Indie Secret Pal gift. It's on the way to you.

As I posted this picture, I realized how little of our home is represented in this blog. The cabinet Abby is in front of is the TV cabinet/entertainment center. It's hardly ever closed. It is made from an old cedar armoire that was FREE. Yes you read that right. I came home from work one day and it was on the front porch. People know I like old things. And this happens rather often. The front panels on the doors were cracked and the lady who owned it passed away. Her family was going to toss it and someone said that I maybe could use it. Well - I looked and thought - for months - about what to do about the doors and how to use this. Then - the muses took over and I found this library book wall paper. I then seriously looked at the doors and found that the cracked panels were easily removable. I replaced them with scrap paneling, covered with the wall paper. Mr. Charles added shelves made from wood we tore out of the house during the renovation process and an entertainment center was born. I have this piece worth several dollars and I have $24.99 plus tax in it. A pretty good bargain if you ask me. (The child has cost significantly more money)

I include this only because I wonder about the people in other blogs. I love finding out details about the history and how their life really is. Not the dressed up, public image, but real life, day to day. As blogging has become more comfortable for me, I find myself sharing more of those details. I hope you don't mind.

Have a beautiful day.

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