Monday, July 31, 2006


No photo - thank you blogger.

August - I will be using only what I have on hand for crafting/swapping. On my trip, I realized that I really need to purge some stuff before I really get the studio up and running. I packed several bags AND the rolling craft box for my trip and did get some crafting goodness in. I was looking at notes in my inspiration books and realized that it had been several months since the USE WHAT YOU HAVE challenge. I was effective in completing that challenge, so I am committing to doing it again for the entire month of August.

Any takers along with me?

The one thing I have learned about me is that putting things in this form (the blog form) reinforces the behavior/action in a big way. Somehow makes me more accountable.

Like the ATC indulgence project. Look this week for updates on that. I have assigned everyone's word group and started on the designs. I will post the teaser stuff on that soon.

Come on - join me. It will be fun and the impact on my checkbook will be dramatic.

Have a beautiful day.

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Anonymous said...

Teresa...i had tried this a while ago and guess how long I lasted....two weeks, aaaaacccckkkkkk! You have got some will power.