Monday, October 02, 2006

It's October -

It's spirit week at the high school. This fact was cause for a ton of laughter on Sunday afternoon. There is a schedule Monday is country day, Tuesday twin day, Wednesday flashback 80's day, Thursday pajama day, Friday red/gray day. Put it this way Monday and Wednesday brought giggles and laughing until tears flowed. Molly is right at 6 feet tall and heels are a rarity - me, country girl at heart owns cowboy boots - Molly decided that those boots are a requirement for this theme and the laughter occurs when she first puts them on and tries to walk. Standing still, she is a beautiful sight. Tight jeans, plaid shirt, cowboys boots adding even more length to her legs, long dark hair, the mama pride swells as I see the young woman she has become. Then the walking occured and we both dissolved in the fit of laughter. She went to school this morning with a spare pair of shoes in the book bag.

Then she disappears into her room and comes back in that 80's flashback outfit. Short skirt, leggings, hot pink off shoulder shirt, huge hair, pink earrings, and black pumps. I am not sure what triggered the giggles, but I think embarassment that I actually dressed like that was the deal. She could have copied a photo out of my high school yearbook. I cannot believe I looked like that, but she brings out the photo albums and points it out to me. I am so glad we are a close family and that she was not mortified by the laughing, she was laughing as hard as I was. I am not at all happy that really bad clothing taste has been recorded in those photo albums.

The MaggieGrace studio project took a step backward because of a weather issue. The storms from last week caused some minor damage that now takes the priority. Trying to squeeze completing this project into an already full schedule is proving to be a source of frustration. It will be worth it in the end, its just taking a while. I really can't wait to have that space just for me.

Work in Progress - the quilt for baby Maggie - she's due just before Christmas . I mailed my embroidered tea towels today. The photo is above. The bird is my own design and you will see it several incarnations to come. Can't explain it but I was taken by it and have enlarged and reduced it for some projects. Some ATC to come.

Last night we had a dinner and worship service at our church. We call it Laity night because the music is led by the Laity chair and our pastor gets to take a night and just worship with us. It's very informal and relaxed and usually a very worshipful atmosphere. The food is incredible. Jones Chapel has some of the best cooks in the world.

Last night I was having a hard time worshipping because of the snide and hurtful comments from one person. Why do people have to be demeaning? Is there something in those people that needs to feel powerful at someone else expense? This often doesn't get to me but yesterday it did. Here's the scenario. I took the quilt with me to work on. I am hand quilting - this is my first project - and I love the rhythm that the handquilting takes on. I am a stick and stab quilter. Cannot do that smooth and even several stitch thing no matter how hard I try. So I stick and stab and am completing this quilt in that manner. Said person approaches the table and says "you are never going to finish that thing like that. You need to learn to quilt correctly." Then she proceeds to critique the preacher's haircut, someone's attire, the air-conditioning, the kitchen faucet, anything and everything. You know the type, and every church has one of these people. Anyway, last night she affected me. Today, in retrospect, I can learn from her. Funny thing about all of the quilting comments - she has never made a quilt.

What can I learn? What did I learn? As a Christian, I need to choose the positive. I need to make an effort to offset people like her in everyone's life. I can be the encourager, I can be a part of solutions, instead of just complaining about the problems. I can be available to teach others, if they would like my input. I can share my experiences without forcing my opinion onto someone. I can build people up instead of tearing them down. I can choose to share my blessings with others. I can gain so much by helping another person be their best instead of trying to make myself look good with negative and destructive comments. And I can forgive this lady and choose to love her anyway.

So today I am more worshipful than I was last night. God has my attention and I am listening to what I was to learn from this particular lesson. Talk to me God, I am listening.

Have a beautiful day.


lalheg said...

Blessings on you and your kindly generous heart

Anonymous said... have such a great attitude. Loved reading about Molly...i loved the '80's especially the favorite. And those little birdies on the tea towels is awesome. That image would make an awesome rubberstamp.

Sally said...

Your tea towels are really sweet! Wish I was on your recipient list!