Friday, March 28, 2008

Hold my hand....

Hold my hand, Mom. My heart swelled with emotion. The hand I am holding is roughly the same size as mine, but I remember the tiny fingers as they wrapped around one of mine.
Then I remember holding both hands as she began those first stumbling steps. Then I remember walking her into school that very first day. She held my hand then too. Many more times in all these years.

I took her to school - she grew everyday - in all areas of her life. Many moments of awe on my part.

She looks like her Daddy. I'm the short one in the house. I have watched the young woman emerge. I have watched her work so hard for academic excellence. I have watched her practice sports. I have watched her choose her friends carefully. I've been there when she needed me to hold her hand. I've agonized over those moments when I had to let go. She has made good choices.

Mommy - I love you - said as she draped her arm around my shoulders and grabbed my hand again. The missed photo was the one where she whispered "thank you" in my ear and kissed me on the cheek. Right on the verge of being on her own - but hanging onto these last few moments.

"I love you - you are welcome - I am proud of you." Those were the choked words I whispered back. There is a much bigger message wrapped in and among all those words.

You'll be fine - Moo. We will move into the next stage of this journey. Seemingly apart, but always together.

Build yourself more solid, supporting friendships. Call me when you need me. I'll always be your Mom, but as you experience more and more of life and living it fully, now we will become friends.

I am so proud of who you are and who I see you becoming. I love you so much.

Pictures from Soccer Senior Night 2008 - the last one is of Molly and Brittany (bb) - best friends. We love you too BB.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Remembering the precious baby girl with much thick black hair! What a blessing to see Molly the lovely sweet young lady as she makes plans her future. We are so very excited for her. Charles and you have done a great job raising your precious girl. We pray God's blessings for you all. Love, H & A

kristin said...

Teresa...i am so completely choked i am at the stage where the hands of my boys are still so small i'm all too aware of how quickly the little ones will grow.

what a beautiful, loving tribute to your daughter. xx

ellen said...

Thank you for such a beautiful post. It has certainly brought some tears to my eyes. It takes me back to so long ago, when I said goodbye to my mother on entering college, with the knowledge that I would not see her or my daddy for months on end. Too many miles and an ocean in between.
You have done an admirable job. She is a beautiful young woman.

Vallen said...

I hope those hands will hold yours for a long time. You have done a very good job, Miss T.

Carrie said...

So, so sweet. I have the urge to call my mom and tell her I love her. I'm so going to call her on my way home from work.

jen b said...

beautiful , sweet words. i only hope that my daughter feels the same way about me when she is your daughter age. by the way it was nice to see your pretty face here!

maggiegracecreates said...

Grandmother and Granddaddy - (anon up top) - thank you for your constant encouragement and prayers for us and those girls. The legacy of love and unending support begin with family and we all love you so much.

KRISTIN - hold them tightly when needed, pry your hands free when needed. Your heart will know the right answers.

ELLEN - I do not know those feelings. I lived at home through college and less than 30 minutes away even now. Thank you for your encouragement.

VALLEN - I know you have those grown ones already and that they are still close to you. You are a role model for many of us. Thank you for your kind words.

CARRIE - I hope your conversation with your mom was wonderful. Thank you for you words too.

JENB - Your daughter will feel a similar thing for you. Thank you for the compliment. You are so sweet.