Monday, March 31, 2008

You go east to get west. ...

I am not bragging, but I do have a fairly keen sense of direction. Or at least I thought so. However, Asheville, NC is the most difficult city I have ever driven in. I managed to get on the interstate going the wrong way three different times. Literally - I had to take I26 east to get to west Asheville - that just seems wrong to me. One of those was using directions given to me by someone who lives there - go figure.

Molly and I were in Asheville for a volleyball tournament. Having that college stuff behind us was the best. This was a relaxed and enjoyable event. We had fun. She played really well because she was not worried about which college coach may be watching from the bleachers. Abby and Charles were south of Atlanta at a softball tournament - that was ultimately called off because of rain - the players on our team did not care - they defeated their arch rival team - 7-2.

I came home to find these at my house.

1980's era Workbasket magazines. I was too tired to take the time to look through these. That will be the joyous (and restful) activity for tonight. I did get lots of crochet time and cross stitch time in at the tournaments. (I am working on a little cross stitch do-wah-ditty for Miss MaryAnn - she reads so no sneak peeks.)

I also found a junk store/thrift place/ antique mall on the way home. One of those places that I love to dig through. Out in the middle of nowhere in an old store building - and everything was 25% off. I found one thing for me and the thrifted items for a swap I am in with Ann-Margaret. The rules of the swap are that something has to be thrifted, something has to be handmade, and it all has to be red and green and less than a certain amount of money. I have the handmade item finished. (there are a couple of more in the works) I found a few thrifted items yesterday - in this little shop - one of which I would really like to keep for myself - but I'll pass it on.

One thing I am keeping to use is this little receipt book - I am planning to use some of these pages for tags and other ephemera crafts. For 75 cents, I can eliminate the hoarding tendencies on this one.

It has nice thick board covers. I have no idea what they will become.

Have a great Monday - my girls are on spring break - I have plans to hook up with a blogger buddy - this week for dinner - and maybe get lots of rest.


Felicia said...

Don't you love junk stores like that? That receipt book is groovy :)

ellen said...

Sleep, sleep, sleep and knit up the raveled sleeve of care.

see you there! said...

I know you are going to find lots of treasures in those old Work Basket mags. The trift store stuff looks like it will be fun to use too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Teresa! I finally got to a thrift store today and came home very disappointed. :( You guys also show such NEAT things you find and at such great prices and I came home with a few padded hangers (which I really needed), a few purse handles, some stationary, one pillowcase and two decks of Skip Bo. Waah!

I'm disappointed that I didn't find any red and white treasures for you! Still, I'll make sure your package is stuffed. :)