Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't forget........

I have made this one mine. Last night I sat down and wrote a note in the front of this journal. A note to my friends and family. Not a morbid note at all. See I am fine. Gonna be anyway. I am so very appreciative of every call, every meal, gift, visit, on an on. And, just like everyone else, I say "I'll never forget what you did for me." But I also know that time erases details from our memories. I know that in the next few days, there may be visits or calls or actions that happen without me being fully aware. So I have asked my family to keep this book available for my friends and family - to leave me notes, funnies, whatever. I have added drawings already from my Sunday School kids. I have listed "special angels" who have stepped forward and made things go smoothly. I have printed emails that touched me. (Ellen Kelly - lady you rock.) This will be my touchstone, my reminder of those who helped me carry this challenge. It will be a record of those who danced with me in this particular show. Whatever this book becomes in the next few weeks, starting it and adding the few things I have already added, has shown me just how blessed my family is.

I learned years ago to focus on those blessings, and this will be a fabulous record for those blessings.

Til after this calms down.

Have a wonderful day. ---- Teresa

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