Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smiling Kidney?

Mother Teresa is doing well! She has been up and awake all day and has cut her pain medications in half! So glad she's starting to return to the normal world again. Now if I can get her out of my very comfortable bed... :)
She was very excited to receive an awesome package in the mail. Probably one of the funniest (and most random) packages she has ever gotten: a kidney. Only Very Mary would think of an idea like that. Mad props. Haha.

Once again, a big shout out to all those praying for Mom! Thank you oh so much.
Oh, and for anyone who has sent her flowers... Our dining room table is now covered with them! We can't even eat at it. But it's not like we ever eat at the table anyways. Thank you for your love, care and generosity!

~College Girl

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